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社會文化 The future of Human Resources (人资的未来)

By gamchi73

2021年6月7日 (一)

The future of HR is here. Are you ready to face the new paradigm? 
There’s no doubt that the nature of work is constantly evolving, given the dynamic nature of business and macro environment. The advent of technology, globalization, ever-changing customer preferences, are giving rise to new ways of working, and therein, new employee expectations. The digital native employees of today demand the comfort and convenience of a consumer-like experience, not only in the face of tremendous technological innovation but also because what it means to be an employee today has fundamentally changed. Belongingness to one’s workplace has now become a central tent in every employee’s compass when they look for work. On the other hand, organizations are looking for ways to create structures that last the test of time - with flexibility being a key component, as well as learning and development, and diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI). Mind you, these functions have always existed within HR - though some are more recent than others, the fact of the matter is that, in the current context, the definition of each function evolves across time. For example, an L&D policy may make sense for a particular organization when they only have 20 people - but as that organization grows to 100 people, it’s likely that that process will have to change, especially considering today’s competitive business landscape.

All in all, there is a complete paradigm shift when it comes to work- all the way from the means required to work, to what is constituted as work, to how that work is done. Is your workplace ready to face this new paradigm without falling behind?

The workforce now is raring to go- what they’re looking for is an organization to give them the chance to do good work.
The time is ripe to figure out if the HR function is up for this multifaceted situation. The last decade has seen the function evolve from timekeepers and gatekeepers to coaches, mentors and culture custodians. Now there is the need to further amp up HR capabilities so they are poised to manage a workforce that has revamped potential. 

Your HR function needs to be at par with your talent’s need to be recognized as bringing value to the table. The best way to ensure this is to take the same route as the talent - upskilling
 The Changing State of HR
Given the new global work context, it is inevitable that HR needs a new approach to handle issues that, although familiar, resurfaced in unexpected ways. For instance - role-readiness is something that has been a key concern across the ages. However, with the evolving business contexts and how quickly things change - whether it be employee expectations, modes of delivery, or desirable business outcomes - the key focus is now on solving business concerns across the value chain. 

A good example of this is Talent Acquisition. While earlier it used to be understood that a TA professional will only help out in one part of the value chain - by making sure that there is a steady stream of candidates available - today the TA role is closer to a marketing position, where there is an expectation to provide a certain experience to the customer and to follow up regularly so that one doesn’t lose out on leads. Here, the depth of understanding of TA needs to be functional across other skills such as skill gap analysis, market pay levels, and more. Extrapolating from this to other functions of HR, such skills can only be acquired through a deep generalist understanding of how HR can help out across various functions, instead of focusing singularly on role-readiness, because the roles themselves are changing!
Considering these unique circumstances, the call today is for HR to be as broad as possible in its knowledge base, while as specific as possible in its execution. Ultimately, HR is no longer a business function that could sail by without having a concrete impact on the bottom line - the role of HR has now evolved to address several business problems, and if an HR professional wishes to future-proof their career, they need to start asking, “Which problems can I solve through my skills?” rather than “What am I supposed to do?” - because the playbook is being constantly rewritten today. 
Prepare for the future with Aon’s Next Generation HR Hub

To make sure that the needs of the future can be fully met by HR professionals across the world, Aon’s Next Generation HR Hub provides an ecosystem that allows them to hone their skills and provide the most impact across various roles. Aon does it by combining its research insights, consulting experience, and capability-building expertise. As a result of this, both aspiring HR professionals and early-career HR professionals alike get access to specialized and specifically curated learning journeys that will help them

  • Role and skills readiness across the areas of the entry-level roles in HR
  • Learn outside the job and education program through industry-relevant content differentiating successful HR professionals
  • Gain human capital insight that powers them to drive business across the globe.

This is essential ground when it comes to creating a foundation for the future of HR skills and accounts for the necessary flexibility that will be required to sustain HR initiatives in the time to come.
In addition to this, there is a deep focus on different kinds of insights and how they can revolutionize HR practices. They also expose learners to in-depth thought leadership on Human Capital, with access to insights from SMEs and how they adapt to the future of work, as well as large MNCs who are focused on adapting cutting-edge HR practices. 

In short, there is a deep dive into the Industry Landscape as and when it evolves, in addition to a keen look at the Future of Work.

All of this is conducted with an intention to create a holistic ecosystem that caters to the entire experience of online education, including learning, assessment, and credentialing. Each person who enrolls can learn at their own pace, browsing through over 250 hours of HR content. The assessments, qualifications and accreditation will happen online with Accredible digital badges, and students will also get a chance to connect with industry professionals and learn through their personal experiences as well.

Get Ready for Tomorrow, Today
With an ecosystem that sets you up for tomorrow, there’s no reason to not be excited about the future. Whether you’re a new HR manager, are grappling with an HR management system, or have just started your career and want to explore this industry thoroughly, this course is ideal for you. Aon’s Next Generation HR Hub will give you the tools ready to take on the future in a manner that will put you in the driver’s seat - so you can get the results that matter.
人力资源的未来就在这里。 您准备好面对新的范式了吗?
毫无疑问,鉴于业务的动态性质和宏观环境,工作的性质正在不断发展。 技术的出现,全球化,不断变化的客户偏好正在产生新的工作方式,以及新的员工期望。 当今的数字本地员工不仅需要面对巨大的技术创新,还需要像消费者一样的舒适体验和舒适体验,而且因为今天要成为一名员工的意义已经发生了根本性的变化。 现在,归属于工作场所已成为每位员工寻找工作时指南针的中心帐篷。 另一方面,组织正在寻找创建可以经受时间考验的结构的方法-灵活性是关键组成部分,也是学习与发展以及多样性,公平性和包容性(DEI)的关键。 请注意,这些功能始终存在于HR中-尽管有些功能比其他功能更新,但事实是,在当前情况下,每个功能的定义都会随着时间的推移而变化。 例如,对于只有20人的特定组织,L&D政策可能很有意义-但是随着该组织的人数增加到100人,很可能必须改变这一过程,尤其是考虑到当今竞争激烈的商业环境。

总而言之,在工作方面存在着一个完全的范式转换,从工作所需的手段到工作的构成方式,再到工作的完成方式。 您的工作场所是否准备好面对这一新范式而不会落伍?

现在,工作人员迫切需要-他们正在寻找的是一个组织,让他们有机会做好工作。现在是确定HR功能是否适合这种多方面情况的时机。 在过去的十年中,该职能已从计时员和看门人发展成为教练,导师和文化保管人。 现在,有必要进一步增强人力资源能力,以便他们准备管理具有潜力的员工队伍。

人力资源职能必须与人才相提并论,才能将价值带到餐桌。 确保这一点的最佳方法是采用与人才相同的途径-提高技能。
人力资源的变化状态。在新的全球工作环境下,人力资源管理不可避免地需要一种新的方法来处理那些虽然熟悉但又以意想不到的方式浮出水面的问题。 例如,角色准备已经成为各个时代的主要关注点。 但是,随着业务环境的不断发展以及事物变化的 (无论是员工的期望,交付方式还是理想的业务成果),现在的重点是解决整个价值链中的业务问题。

人才招聘就是一个很好的例子。 以前,人们曾了解过,技术援助专业人士只会在价值链的一部分中提供帮助-通过确保有稳定的候选人流-如今,技术援助角色更接近于市场营销职位,那里有 一种期望,可以为客户提供一定的体验,并定期进行跟进,以确保客户不会失去潜在客户。 在这里,对TA的理解需要在其他技能中发挥作用,例如技能差距分析,市场薪酬水平等等。 从此推断人力资源的其他职能,只能通过对人力资源如何在各种职能中提供帮助的深刻的通才理解来获得这些技能,而不是仅仅关注角色准备,因为角色本身正在发生变化!

考虑到这些独特的情况,今天的要求是人力资源在其知识库中尽可能广泛,而在其执行方面则尽可能具体。 归根结底,HR不再是可以在不影响利润的前提下发挥作用的业务功能-HR的角色现已演变为解决多个业务问题,并且如果HR专业人员希望对自己的职业生涯进行未来验证, 需要开始问:“我可以通过自己的技能解决哪些问题?” 而不是“我该怎么办?”  -因为今天剧本不断被改写。

为了确保全世界的人力资源专业人员都能完全满足未来的需求,怡安的下一代人力资源中心提供了一个生态系统,使他们可以磨练自己的技能,并在各个职位上发挥最大的影响力。 怡安通过结合其研究见解,咨询经验和能力建设专长来做到这一点。 因此,有抱负的人力资源专业人员和职业生涯早期的人力资源专业人员都可以参加专门且经过精心策划的学习之旅,这将对他们有帮助

除此之外,我们还将深入研究各种见解以及它们如何革新人力资源实践。 他们还向学习者介绍了有关人力资本的深入思想领导力,使他们能够从中小型企业,他们如何适应工作的未来以及专注于适应最新人力资源实践的大型跨国公司的见解中获取知识。

所有这些目的都是为了创建一个整体的生态系统,以迎合整个在线教育的经验,包括学习,评估和认证。 每个注册人员都可以按照自己的进度学习,浏览超过250个小时的HR内容。 评估,资格和认证将通过可认证的数字徽章在线进行,学生还将有机会与行业专业人士联系,并通过他们的个人经验进行学习。
拥有为明天做好准备的生态系统,没有理由不为未来感到兴奋。 无论您是新的人事经理,是在努力应对人事管理系统,还是刚刚开始职业生涯并想彻底探索该行业,此课程对您来说都是理想的选择。 怡安(Aon)的下一代HR Hub将为您提供适合未来使用的工具,并将使您坐在驾驶员的座位上-这样您就可以获得重要的结果。